Monday, October 26, 2009

Winter Skate

This is a combination of watercolor, ink, and digital. It was so much fun to get out the traditional stuff again! :)


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Nice illustrations! I picked up one of your business cards because i really liked your portfolio at Illustrator's Day. Hopefully the right people also got to see it as well! Great job, and keep up the good work!

Jen said...

This is the best looking card I've seen all season! I love it!

Stephen said...

I enjoyed the concept on this Winter Skate piece, also loved the way you made the iced over pond appear in the overall environment.

I also really enjoyed playing on your website and appreciate all the new things that I noticed after a somewhat lengthy hiatus. Two of my favorite pieces there were 1)The piece where I was just admiring all of the vessels, and imagining which one of them that a genie would soon pop out of, and 2)A tile roofed building amongst the Palms, which reminded me of a view I once had out of a military air transport window during a re-fueling stop, on Midway Island in the Pacific in the mid 60s, as I was heading for Guam for submarine duty. The only thing missing in that wonderful picture would have to be the gooney birds which inhabited Midway,Wake and most of the other atolls and islands in that region of the world. The most beautiful bird in flight and at the same time, the clumbsiest in landings and take-offs. Sorry for the lengthy ramble, but I wanted to convey to you that your artwork made a positive difference in my day today.
Thanks for that and continued good luck in your art career.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Stephen, Your comments made MY day. :)